ETA Diorama Accessories designs and produces diorama accessories with extreme detail, using high quality digital printing materials, emphasising also in historical accuracy. The products are avalaible in all major scales of modeling (1/87, 1/76, 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24, 1/16, 1/6). In each case the printing is done on the right quality paper so to have the most realistic result for each scale. Our codes are based on the modelers’ needs. And we want to create the detail that make the difference in making dioramas. Custom made products can be made on demand!

The history of our company

ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES has started as a romantic idea that wanted to give to the diorama creation another view. An image that would count on a specific detail. And so we started on these data, making in-printed materials, with printing on the best quality paper and on the best printing offices.
Our experience on graphics from another company (ETA graphics) has helped us give great samples.
From 1998 till today, ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES has circulated about 350 codes, which covers a great variety of subjects and will be useful for lots of modellers.
By visiting our web-site you will be able to see this variety.
Finally, our company gives specific attention on the quality and the way of printing of its’ products, so as to be closer to reality.

Saturday, January 04, 2020 - 05:23 AM UTC
Yannis kindly informed us about the latest products of ETA Diorama Accessories in 1/35 scale.

As always, all items are prints of high resolution photos to high quality paper.
  • 189 - Chernobyl Signs - 1/35 scale - 2 sheets

  • 599 - Road Signs from D-Day, Ardennes, Battle of Bulge - Bastogne (Metal / Wood) - 1/35 scale - 3 sheets

WWI - Trench


This volume is the 35th edition in Mr Black Publications’ “Scale Model Handbook” series, and the fourth in that series entirely dedicated to what took place between 1939-1945, which has since been described in Western histories as “The Second World War”.

The wartime themes herein are numerous and feature extended articles about models, dioramas, vignettes and figures, especially in 1/35 scale, where we’ve managed to assemble many representative examples from our well-known regular contributors, who’ve been with us from the beginning. We’ve added some articles from newer and very talented modellers that we feel will interest our readers. Our thanks go to everyone for their excellent work and dedication, which helped achieve this project… Our new contributors are Lieven Terryn, Eduardo Fernandez Rodriguez, Fabrizio Marini and Carlos Muñoz de Bustillo. As always, thanks are due to our regular and well-known stalwarts, Selu Casanova, Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth and Toshihiro Sano.

We must also thank our friends, partners and supporters from the manufacturing fraternity… Pietro Balloni and Luca Marchetti (Pegaso Models), Darren Parker-Mead (Tommy’s War), Stuart Hale (Stormtrooper Miniatures), Alexander Surzhenko (Masterbox Ltd), Alexey Lukanev (Irbis Miniatures), Man Jin Kim (MJ Miniatures), Young B. Song (Young Miniatures), Taesung Harmms (Alpine Miniatures), Daniel Buchtela (Model Scene), DG Artwork (Dae Hyoung Kim), Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Acrylics), Fernando Vallejo (AK-Interactive), Ben Mirson and Alina Rizhko (both from Miniart Models).