ETA Diorama Accessories designs and produces diorama accessories with extreme detail, using high quality digital printing materials, emphasising also in historical accuracy. The products are avalaible in all major scales of modeling (1/87, 1/76, 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24, 1/16, 1/6). In each case the printing is done on the right quality paper so to have the most realistic result for each scale. Our codes are based on the modelers’ needs. And we want to create the detail that make the difference in making dioramas. Custom made products can be made on demand!

The history of our company

ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES has started as a romantic idea that wanted to give to the diorama creation another view. An image that would count on a specific detail. And so we started on these data, making in-printed materials, with printing on the best quality paper and on the best printing offices.
Our experience on graphics from another company (ETA graphics) has helped us give great samples.
From 1998 till today, ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES has circulated about 430 codes, which covers a great variety of subjects and will be useful for lots of modellers.
By visiting our web-site you will be able to see this variety.
Finally, our company gives specific attention on the quality and the way of printing of its’ products, so as to be closer to reality.

Shops that will find our products

ENGLAND : Fields of Glory ( Distributors )

GERMAN : Der Sockelshop - Modellbaushop ( Distributors )

FRANCE : Oups Model ( Distributors )

BELGIUM : Wavre Modélisme ( Distributors )

TAIWAN : Wilder 專賣 在露天拍賣 ( Distributors )

                                                            AUSTRALIA : BNA Model World ( Distributors )

                                                            GERMAN : ( Distributors )

                                                            LEBANON : elite group ( Distributors )

                                                            GREECE : ErgoScale ( Distributors )

                                                            GREECE : ModelWorld ( Distributors )

                                                            ITALY : Labirinto Shop ( Distributors )

                                                            NETHERLANDS : wendysminiatures ( Distributors )

                                                            BELGIUM modelers-heaven ( Distributors )

                                                            NETHERLANDS : deveteraanmodelbouw ( Distributors ) 

                                                            ITALY : padovamodelismo ( Distributors )

                                                            CZECH : mn-modelar ( Distributors )

                                                            GREECE : ysmasterpieces ( Distributors )

                                                            SCOTLAND : Killin Models ( Distributors )

Open Box Video Review of ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES! High Quality Diorama Accessories made from paper!


Painting Busts From Diverse Periods Of History Using Different Mediums…
Brand New Content – Eight Articles Published For The First Time!

We recommend




How to Guides Vol.1 - Painting Figures & Busts Step By Step

Techniques for Modelling Female Miniatures (Offset printing, 68 pages, 24.95 Euros)

CMT 1/6/2021 - 31/7/2021

Il Consiglio Direttivo del C.M.T. Centro Modellistico Torinese vista la
particolare situazione creatasi con l'emergenza epidemiologica da COVID-19
(Coronavirus). In considerazione delle ultime informazioni, intendendo dare la
massima priorità alla sicurezza delle persone e alla libertà di circolazione, ha
deciso di rinviare la 22 Edizione di MODELLISMO DI PASSIONE.
Il CMT, in collaborazione con varie associazioni modellistiche ha
definito di inserire la propria manifestazione la settimana seguente Terza
Edizione del Campionato Nazionale CIMS di Modellismo Statico.
Le manifestazioni dovrebbero svolgersi nelle prime settimane d’APRILE 2021
Sperando in una forte collaborazione e sinergia fra i gruppi modellistici
nazionali, il C.M.T. organizzerà al meglio la possibilità di poter organizzare
navette per dar la possibilità a modellini e modellisti di poter recuperare un
anno di “prigionia” modellistica.
Continuate a seguirci sulla nostra pagina FB ed il nostro sito online


Established in 2018, the society’s primary objective was to raise the level of scale modelling to the highest possible standard and to change public perception from that of a hobby for dilettantes to that of an appreciated art-form. This objective was reached and surpassed through the years as attested by public attendance at the Society’s events which have taken place every year since its inception and continue to this day.

The main event of the Society is that of its Annual Competition. In recent years the Gibraltar Scale Model Society competition has taken place at the Gustavo Bacarisa Art Gallery situated at grand Casemates square, however this year the event is moving to the Gibraltar Exhibition of Modern Art, located at Montagu Bastion, Line Wall Road.The Gibraltar Scale Model Society is an affiliated member of the International Plastic Model Society, and Branch Members of The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society and The Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association.Our doors are always open for new members and visitors so if you like to build models, interested in trying it for the first time or a modeller visiting our island, do not hesitate to contact us and meet the members.

May 2021 releases



 ETA Diorama Accessories kindly informed us about their new items released in May 2021