Mr Black Plexi Wet Palette


Please read the instructions carefully

The package includes

 1 clear plastic (Plexiglas) container with dimensions 18.5cm (Length) X 14cm (Width) X 2.2cm (Height) and

 inner dimensions 18cm (Length) X 13.5cm (Width) X 1.5cm (Height)

1 white sponge

2 different papers (Masterson & Roney refill membrane paper) 

**Attention: The paints and the brush are not included in the package**


1. Wash the white sponge very well using hot tap water. You can add a little white vinegar if you wish. Distilled water is also an excellent choice for diluting the colors as well. Place it on the bottom of the acrylic case. 

2. Pour the appropriate amount of water (warm preferably) mixed with a little white vinegar to avoid bacterias growth in the long run. 

3. Choose one of the two papers provided. In case of you're using the thick white paper (Masterson refill) you must soak it for at least 15 minutes in warm water, in order to get the best of it. Then place it over the wet sponge. In case of Roney refill, just wet it a little in both sides and place it over the wet sponge.  Please have in mind that the Masterson refill keeps the colors fresh but not very “watery” and the Roney refill kept them fresh but more “watery”.  Also, the first one is more thick and durable. It is important to insert a sheet of kitchen paper towel between the sponge and the membrane paper, in order to keep the colours moist for longer!

4. You are ready to paint. The acrylic case is closing very tight but, in very hot conditions, you must add water to wet the sponge from time to time (with a little white vinegar added). And if you need to carry the case with you it is advisable to keep it horizontal or empty the water. 

 Note: You can use this configuration to keep your colors fresh for 10-15 days. But you must stir them from time to time otherwise will make a crust on their surface. Please note that if you are using tubes be careful when you are placing the colors onto the wet paper as maybe you can cut/rip it in places. In case of using tubes, we recommend to make the mixes in a white plastic plate and then transfer them on the wet palette.

Enjoy painting!