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Final presentation M109A6 Paladin, AFVClub 1/35 plus extras from an array of brands. Metal Tracks Friul, Resins Blackdog, Royalmodels, Eureka, Meng, lights Voyager, antennas and 50cal RBmodels, anti reflective coat AFVClub, AK-47 Dragon, boxes, flag, map and photo from Tamiya, Mathomodels and ETA diorama. Thank you all for the inspiration and support!

I m calling this one done! M551 Sheridan Vietnam Tamiya 1/35. Extras: Eduard PE and straps, DEFmodel metal barrel, RB antenna EurexaXXL tow cable and resin accessories, Blackdog resin backpacks, smoke grenades and water bottles, Echelon decals and ETAdioramas 1969 Playboy pictures, letter and Vietnam map. Thank you