Photo Album Jim O'Malley

Here is my latest diorama, "Let me see your map, LT" which depicts a Squad Leader from 2d Battalion, 47th Infantry (Mechanized), 9th Infantry Division asking to see the map the Platoon Leader is using so he can point out to the LT where they really are. I am not going to name names, but this was an actual event on a dismounted patrol and from what I understand it was a pretty common occurrence for this LT to be lost shortly after starting a patrol. This Squad Leader is trying to set the LT straight, but the LT is pulling the map away because he doesn't want to admit that he is lost. His RTO thinks the guy is an idiot and is is outwardly laughing at him. The figures are all conversions of Bravo 6 figures with Hornet Heads and First Legion Helmets. Weapons are from Trumpeter. The map, which is the Bien Hoa mapsheet (one of 2/47th Inf (Mech)'s Areas of Operation or AO), is from ETA Diorama Products. The figures are painted with acrylics from Reaper, Vallejo, Andrea, and Scale 75. The groundwork is brown Magic Sculpt textured with a toothbrush and the vegetation is stuff that I preserved and the ground scatter is from DioDump and from other dried plant products. I know some of the photos may seem redundant, but I was trying to get several shots of various details.