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Sascha Herm - Miniature Figure Painter

Just finished the Scale 1/56 SdKfZ 7 & FlaK 37. I have split this into 3 days of posts, as there would otherwise be too many photos

For today, I would like to share some pictures of the SdKfz 7 Halftrack Artillery Tractor with 7 converted crew from Rubicon Models, with added metal, resin and plastic stowage & accessories from various manufacturers (13 photos)

This has been quite a long process but I have enjoyed every minute of it and as always learned some new things along the way. This is only a small part of  Project B’ and it is one of the largest vehicles involved but there are still a lot more to come.

I have spent a lot of time on them both, so wanted to share some more detailed pictures before I start painting some other figures, vehicles and animals.