Photo Album Master Box 35219

35219 “US Paratroopers, 1944” - this kit is a remake of the old and successful 3511 "US Paratroopers, 1944" kit.

The new version has two main differences:

1. A new, much more expressive picture on the front side of the box that enhances sharply the emotional perception of the kit and increases its attractiveness to buyers.

2. An additional sprue with ammunition produced by MiniArt. This sprue contains helmets and ammunition made at a higher quality level that takes the kit to a new level of quality and makes it more attractive to the modeller.

The kit includes a sprue with the parts for assembling figures of 3 US paratroopers from Normandy landings period that were in a difficult situation and were forced to shoot back to save their wounded comrade.

The figures are made at a high artistic level and united by a single plot, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly and allow the modeller to create not only a vignette by using the figures from the kit, but also to create larger dioramas by using the figures from other kits. For example, the use of 35145 “German Paratroopers. WW II era” kit or 3584 “German Infantry. Western Europe. 1944-1945” kit will allow to create a dramatic prosecution scene, and the use of 3574 “Take one more grenade! Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, Europe, 1944-1945” will allow you to create a scene of urban battle.

The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.