Photo Album Master Box 24073 Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 1. Sabrina

Master Box 24073 / Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 1. Sabrina

Kit 24073 “Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 1. Sabrina” opens new series of post-apocalyptic kits in 1/24 scale.

(By the way, we are glad to inform you that our post-apocalyptic series in 1/35 scale got golden medal by ModellFan in 2021).

The extraordinary popularity of post-apocalyptic subject in the field of cinematography and computer games made us deal with this subject, and the choice of the 1/24 scale is due to the growing popularity of this scale among modellers who focus on figures. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, this scale allows the manufacturer to make a much more detailed figure than the 1/35 scale, on the other hand, it allows the modeller to make the figure with special sophistication.

The creation of the Last Bridge figures series was based on a simple case: an accidental meeting of two raiders from different clans led to the fact that the order that had developed after Chaos, which came as a result of the series of global catastrophes, was violated again and the leaders of the Clans had to take desperate measures to restore a delicate balance.

The first release of the series consists of seven kits.

The first kit is 24073 Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 1. Sabrina.

Global environmental disaster and then broken out war "all against all", changed sharply the appearance of the Planet.

The cities that became a trap and a grave for thousands of people were abandoned by few inhabitants who were lucky to survive. The values formed for centuries disappeared. Diverse gangs began to attack weak groups of refugees, and women became both prey and commodity in the coming Chaos. But people strive always to create order where there is no order and leaders appear. Sabrina became one of these leaders. As a very young girl, Sabrina managed to put together a squad of young girls like her. This squad began to attack gangs of raiders, beat off women by clearing the surroundings of bandits gradually, creating a New Order and giving protection to farmers. This is how the Territory of Free Amazons appeared.

The kit includes a casting mould with parts for assembly of 1 figure.

The kit is made in 1/24 scale.