This is the first Manual in our new series about Scale Modelling where our aim is to bring a lot of concentrated information about painting and general modelling techniques for all modellers at a competitive retail price.

Each manual will deal with a specific topic in detail, offering a lot of different approaches and techniques and in most cases written by one author. The contents will be carefully selected and presented in a way that every reader should find something new to try and to adapt to their own methods. Each book will have high quality photos and a detailed text so the reader will easily follow the progress of the assembly and painting of each theme, to help adopt new modelling techniques and different approaches.

In our other editions the length of each theme was limited due to the number of pages taken for other contents, but here there are no such limitations. Each theme will be presented in a most detailed and explanatory way so there will be no omissions or unanswered questions.

Depending on the themes and contents, real painted colour chips of hues and mixes will be added with information on how to use them. In this series we will include various modelling aspects from Historic and Fantasy, Scale Models, Dioramas, Vignettes, Figures, Busts, Techniques and History You Can Model.

In this first issue we’ll cover a part of the Deutsches Afrika Korps Forces in Scale by presenting Lieven Terryn’s ‘Siege of Tobruk 1941’ Super Diorama, a Detailed Figure Painting with oils of an Alpine Miniatures Leutnant of the 8th Panzer Regiment in Libya 1941 and an article by Mr Black’s Team on Acrylic Relevant Colour Sets for DAK Uniforms and How to Use Them.

We must thank the following: AK-Interactive (Fernando Vallejo), Andrea Miniatures (Alexandra Fernandez), Vallejo Acrylics (Alex Vallejo), Scale75 (Jose Mendez), Kimera Colors (Luca Marchetti & Pietro Balloni), Lifecolors (Alessandro Balbo & Rolando Iezzi), Yannis Papadopoulos and last, but not least, our English Text Editor Ken Jones.

Special thanks must go to Lieven Terryn who provided us with all the necessary material so this first book could be released as a printed work.

Editor / Publisher

Stelios Demiras


  4   DAK Siege of Tobruk 1941

       Building a 1/35 Deutsches Afrika Korps Diorama

       Using the Box Art as Inspiration

16   Leutnant Panzer Regiment 8 - Libya 1941

        Painting a 1/35 Scale Commercial Figure in Oils

21   Relevant Acrylic Colour Sets for DAK Uniforms and How to Use Them





A4 Format

24 Pages

Gloss laminated Cover


Retail Price: 9.95 euros

ISSN: 2732-8856



On 11th April 1941 German and Italian troops surrounded the port of Tobruk, a Libyan city on the eastern Mediterranean coast near the border with Egypt, and placed the British and Commonwealth troops occupying it under siege. Only a few months earlier in February, Generalleutnant Rommel had arrived in Tripoli with the first units of the Deutsche Afrika Korps and launched an offensive into Cyrenaica, Libya, which the British had taken from the Italians at the beginning of the war in North Africa. Soon Rommel launched his first assault to capture the port. German troops managed to breach the Tobruk perimeter on 13th April, but after this initial success they were beaten back by the British garrison with considerable losses. On the evening of 30th April, a second major attack was launched by Axis troops assisted by 70 tanks. They managed to breach the perimeter a second time, but once again the attack failed with the loss of over 1,000 men. Over the next few months the British went back onto the offensive launching several operations and eight months later the siege was finally lifted and Tobruk was liberated on 10th December 1941.