Photo Album DMD

Since 2015 Dennis has been working on the artistic design and painting of „Wehrmacht“ figures (WWII / 1939-1945) in the scale 1:35. As a result of his exceptional artwork he has now won an extensive fan group in diverse communities. The idea behind DMD dennis miniatures design to form figurines and create groups was born to Dennis in 2019.

71st Infantry Division „Die Glückhafte“

The figurines of our first series historically belong to the 71st Infantry Division. It fought in France (Verdun and other places) and until 1943 also on the eastern front (Kiev, Kharkov, Stalingrad and other places). Its emblem was the four-leaf clover and it was henceforth called "Die Glückhafte" after the victory at Verdun (France) in June 1940.