Lifecolor Painting Guide Vol.1

This is the first painting guide produced in close collaboration with Lifecolor Acrylic paints by Astromodel S.A.S. from Italy. Alessandro Balbo and Rolando Lezzi, owners of the Astromodel S.A.S. distribution company and producers of Lifecolor acrylic paints and products, gave us the opportunity to produce a unique series of books that includes painting and general modelling techniques covering a wide variety of scale models.

These books will offer essential information on painting, weathering and finishing your favourite scale models to the highest standard while getting the best from Lifecolor paints and products. Each theme will have a full list of the Lifecolor colour paint chips that were used for the painting and weathering processes.
Available information on historical facts and real equipment will be added in most cases that will enrich the contents of the books and impart some interesting information to readers. We have three articles in this first issue, plus some extra details offering a lot more.

The first article by the well-known Master Christos Katselos is about painting a 1/35 scale WWII Soviet Female Sniper in a Scenic Setting in over 18 pages with two pages of historical data. There are 62 step-by-step photos on how to paint flesh, hair, eyes, WWII Russian uniforms, leather equipment, the metal and wooden parts of rifles and how to paint and weather the bricks and other items on the scenic base representing a part of a ruined factory.

The second article was done at Mr Black Publications’ Studio and is about painting a German figure in 2½ hours. Here we have all the necessary information for painting a 1/35 scale Panzer Crewman and a Panzer Grenadier in winter uniforms. Check out the painting process and mixes for painting Black, White, Field Grey, flesh, leather, boots, a whitewashed helmet, and more. The bases are for display purposes only.

The well-known Master, Martin Hughes, owner of the “Scale War Machines” YouTube channel wrote the third article. Martin explains in detail how to create Rust, Mould and Decay on a 1/24 scale Volkswagen Golf GTI. This is the first of a two-part feature that will conclude in the next volume and feature a Volkswagen Beetle. The eight-page article has 20 in-progress photos showing how to get the most of a ‘Rat-look’ on modern civilian cars making extensive use of the airbrush and Lifecolor products.

We must thank the artists, Christos Katselos and Martin Hughes, who took part in this big project which, without their participation, would not have been realized. Also, thanks must go to the owners and producers of the companies for supporting this work and in future books… Alessandro Balbo and Rolando Lezzi (Lifecolor by Astromodel), Sang-Eon Lee (Life Miniatures), Yannis Papadopoulos (ETA-Diorama accessories), Piotr Koperski and Andrzei Wraclawek (Panzerart), Ben Mirson (MiniArt), Alexander Shurzenko (Master Box) and Radek Pituch (Rado Miniatures).
And last, but not least, our tireless English Text Editor Ken Jones.

Editor / Publisher
Stelios Demiras

4 WWII Soviet Army Female Sniper
Painting a 1/35 Scale Figure and its Scenic Setting with Lifecolor Acrylics
22 WWII German Figures
Painting High Quality 1/35 Scale German Figures
for Vignettes and Dioramas Using Airbrush and Brush...
In Only 2½ Hours!
26 Rat-look’ Volkswagen Golf GTI
Civilian Vehicles: Creating Rust, Mould and Decay Using Lifecolor Paints (Part 1)

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