ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES has started as a romantic idea that wanted to give to the diorama creation another view. An image that would count on a specific detail. And so we started on these data, making in-printed materials, with printing on the best quality paper and on the best printing offices.Our experience on graphics from another company  ( ETA graphics ) has helped us give great samples.

From 1998 till today, ETA DIORAMA ACCESSORIES has circulated about 470 codes, which covers a great variety of subjects and will be useful for lots of modellers.

In 2016 we create this unique website that is not only an e-shop. Here you can find News, Reviews, How To Visual References and a Big Gallery of Modellers' Work and also Yannis Papadopoulos personal works. Companies that collaborate with us in any way, here they have their own reference pages.

By visiting our web-site you will be able to see this variety.

Finally, our company gives specific attention on the quality and the way of printing of its' products, so as to be closer to reality.

the detail makes the difference

G    A    L    L    E    R    Y