Painting Busts From Diverse Periods Of History Using Different Mediums…

Brand New Content – Eight Articles Published For The First Time!


This is the ninth title in our ongoing "Theme Collections" series, but it's a title with a difference in that it features all new articles, published for the first time and all dedicated to painting busts. In this latest edition we've gathered together eight busts as subjects from various periods of history - Ancient and Medieval Times, The French Revolution and World War Two and all are painted by talented Master Artists.

The first article is a Medieval Crossbowman by Sergey Popovichenko who explains in detail how to begin working with miniature busts. Sergey offers 57 photos to cover the necessary information that modellers of all skill levels can follow to produce a successful result. He also shows how to accomplish the best possible end result following his step-by-step painting sequences of mixed media techniques with acrylics and oils.

The second feature is by well-known master artist James Rice and dedicated to a bust of the French Revolution period where he explains how to adopt the Verdaccio undercoat technique specifically to busts. There are 39 photos illustrating this feature, which are more than enough and where everyone can follow James' step-by-step painting techniques using acrylics and oils.

Louis D' Orio a master of oil painting miniatures returns with a dual bust painting feature from Ancient times using his method of oil painting techniques. A detailed text accompanies the excellent quality photos of Dienekes and Hydarnes.

Joachim Peiper, a German SS officer from WW2 is next, painted by the well-known master artist Christos Katselos. Christos gives some in-depth information for eyes and face painting with more than 20 step-by-step photos. All areas of the bust have detailed paint mixes and details on how to apply them.

Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth, another of our regular contributors, offers two WW2 subjects; RAF Bomber Command aircrew and a German Fallschirmjäger Feldgendarmerie with his master class method of painting. He explains everything in his detailed text and all the painting mixes are included so readers can easily paint their own versions.

The seventh article is a Soviet RKKA Scout painted by Toshihiro Sano using Tamiya Enamels. This four-page article is an excellent reference for painting the Soviet Leaf Pattern camouflage.

Well-known master artist Eduardo Fernandez Rodriguez contributes an eight-page article on painting a Soviet Partisan bust. He explains how to paint flesh, leather, fur skin, wood, metals and much more with acrylics.

As always, thanks must go to all our contributors for their support and for sharing their secrets with us. Special thanks are also due to Pietro Balloni, Luca Marchetti, Alex Vallejo, Darren Parker-Mead, Man Jin Kim, Fernando Vallejo, Taesung Harmms, Young B. Song, Dae-Hyeong Kim, Ju Won Jung, Paul Ondeck, Alessandro Balbo, Rolando Lezzi, Yannis Papadopoulos and finally to Ken Jones our English Text Editor.

We hope you'll enjoy our latest edition!

Stelios Demiras



4 Medieval Crossbowman

How to Paint the Face, Leather, Fabric Textures and Various Accessories of a Crossbowman 'Half Figure' Using Combined Techniques with Acrylics & Oils - Jinkoo Park Collectibles La Historia - Historical Busts (А-005) - 200mm (1/9)

18 French Revolutionary "Bustorama"

Creating a Scenic Base for a Stormtrooper Miniatures' French Revolutionary Bust Painted Step-by-Step with Artist's Acrylics and Oil Colours - Stormtrooper Miniatures (STB601) - 300mm (1/6)

32 Dienekes and Hydarnes at Thermopylae, 480 BC

Painting two Ancient Theme Busts Using Oil Colours - Alexandros Models (AG/113) - 200mm (1/9)

44 Joachim Peiper

Life Miniatures' Bust of the WWII German SS Officer Painted With Acrylics - Life Miniatures (LM-B002) - 180mm (1/10)

56 RAF Bomber Command WWII

Painting Flesh and Different Textures on a Large Scale Bust -Young Miniatures (YM1850) - 180mm (1/10)

62 German Fallschirmjäger, Eastern Front 1943

A Large Scale Bust in Winter Uniform Painted in Acrylics - Young Miniatures (YM1874) - 180mm (1/10)

68 Soviet RKKA Scout

Painting a Leaf Pattern on a Soviet RKKA Scout Big Scale Bust Using Tamiya Enamels - Jinkoo Park Collectibles (A&A-002) - 180mm (1/10)

72 WWII Soviet Partisan

How to Paint Different Textures on Clothing, Metals and Military Equipment on a Large Scale Bust - Unit One -150mm (1/12)



Back Cover

Traditional busts (we now call V busts) first appeared in kit form on the commercial model market around 40 years ago. We can say that Verlinden and Young Miniatures were the easiest to find in shops and shows back then, but very soon a lot of other companies added this category to their ranges. At first these miniature busts, were not so popular as most modellers preferred full body scale figures. Gradually, however, the sculpting and casting quality improved and busts attracted more fans, and nowadays the genre has numerous followers all over the world.

Miniature busts and half-figures produced in various scales allowed sculptors, and subsequently figure painters, to concentrate on detailing the face, transferring facial expressions and character, and adding personality. The larger scales, usually 1:9 or 1:10, also allowed for some impressive and exquisite detailing on the figure and accessories… For example, an ornate helmet could be given far more detailing and the benefits of added fittings that would not be possible on smaller scale miniatures.

Making your bust painting a success story will make any other miniature figure painting easier. Study the work of some of the best master artists in the world herein, where with the help of 170 photos you'll improve your next painted work and progress to achieve the highest standards possible.

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