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Nuts Planet

 NUTSPLANET : www. nutsplanet.com

Nutsplanet was founded in 2013 with the goal to manufacture the highest quality figurines and miniatures, for modelers, miniature painters, collectors and enthusiasts. We have started with the SD (super deformed) figure-line and gradually developed portrait-busts, full figures and vehicle-lines of different themes. We are constantly developing new and interesting products of the highest quality.

Nutsplanet wants to grow, together with you our customer by offering unique items and events to become more than just a miniature manufacturer but to create a family of model enthusiasts through personal communication and exchanging of ideas.

We are breaking walls that were thought to be impossible to conquer by many people, but with your help and continued support we'll continue this tough journey step by step.

Nutsplanet will release the best miniatures and items with the highest quality as it always has and bring them to you as quickly as possible.

Be a Nutsplaneteer!!

Contact indo nutsplanet@gmail.com