AK - Interactive


AK Interactive is a Spanish company founded by modelers for modelers that has managed to become one of the most important brands in the modeling world, continuously revolutionizing the range of paints, brushes, weathering products, and effects. The constant search for innovative products is the way forward.


Our goal is to offer tools to the modelers so that they can put aside the most tedious tasks of their hobby and they can focus on achieving better results in their scale models day after day.

This simplification of tasks, combined with realism and historical precision, is the key to the success of our acrylic paints, oils, enamel based effects, Real Colors, Weathering Pencils, products for dioramas and vegetation, etc.

To carry out this commitment, we strive every day for modelers from all over the world to collaborate in the development of new products as well as to participate in demonstrations and tutorials so that the international modeling community is enriched and does not stop innovating.


Our materials and publications target both beginning modelers, giving their first tips and tricks, and advanced modelers trying to complement their knowledge and techniques.


Our proposals are always customer-oriented, adapted to their needs to try to provide unmatched satisfaction through the quality of our products we offer as well as the two-way communication based on active listening